and Development

In recent years the company has gone further, experimenting new super foods as baobab, goji berry, spirulina, stevia and griffonia to fulfil the requests of well-prepared customers.
Since twenty years Rivoltini Alimentare Dolciaria joins the original production of nougat and brittle with the development of dietary and energetic bars.
The Research and Development department, supported by a qualified Food Technologist, studies the best solution for every customer's request, and years of experience has led the company to offer the client a full service, providing support in each part of the process, from the study of the fitting recipe, to the choice of the final packaging.
Since 2002, the company has acquired the ministerial notification to produce bars with vitamins, minerals and other special ingredients (amino acid, creatine, caffeine...)
Rivoltini produces different kind of bars: energetic bars, protein and hyper-protein bars, nutrition bars, bars for weight loss, and meal replacement bars.