Festa del Torrone 2016

During the Cremona Nougat Festival 2016 join us in these magical events sponsored by Rivoltini Alimentare Dolciaria

Nougat Festival presentation a Eataly Smeraldo
November 11-12-13, piazza XXV Aprile, 10 - Milano


"Nougat and beer: the odd couple"
Sunday, November 20, 2.30 and 3.30 pm, Sala ex Borsino, via Solferino

Discover the excellences of our territory through a special tasting of Torrone Rivoltini paired with the innovative beer Mais Corvino. Experts will explain the products and the perfect combinations.

Free tasting by reservation only. For further information and reservations: 030/9040334 business hours only.


Le Mani in Pasta - Violin Makers of Confartigianato Cremona
Tuesday, November 22, 10.30 am, Sala Maffei, via Lanaioli, 5

The 10th edition of the "Mani in Pasta" will focus on the craftsmanship of the violin makers.


Rivoltini nougat tasting "A thousand nougat flavours"
Friday, November 25, ore 4.30 pm, Banco Popolare di Cremona, via Cesare Battisti, 4

In the outstanding location of Banco Popolare historical palace the public will taste Rivoltini nougat in all its gourmand flavours like limoncello, chestnut and pistachio. Experts will explain the products and how to combine them with wines and "passiti" liqueurs.

By invitation only.


East Lombardy European Region of Gastronomy: "The contest"
Saturday, November 26, 12.00 pm, Hotel delle Arti, via Bonomelli, 8
Saturday, November 26, 14.30 pm, Palco Piazza del Comune - Award ceremony

In 2016 edition, famous pastry chefs from the east lombardy cities of Cremona, Bergamo, Brescia and Mantova will be involved in a competition to create a special dessert using ingredients from the territory. The result will be a creation which represents all the east Lombardy as its best.

The creations will be tasted and evaluated by a panel of journalists, food bloggers and gourmets.


Organic honey and AD LIBITUM nougat tasting
Sunday, November 27, 14.30 and 15.30 pm, Sala ex Borsino, Via Solferino

Honey is the ingredient that gives nougat its special flavour and it is the real protagonist of the tasting. Wildflower, black locust and chestnut honey blends will be presented by the very owner of Apicoltura Zippoli, one of the best Italian organic honey producers. At the end of the event the public will taste the limited edition AD LIBITUM nougat.

Free tasting, by reservation only. For further information and reservations: 030/9040334 business hours only.

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