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Tradition and Innovation: this is the combination that distinguishes the Alimentare Dolciaria Rivoltini. Since 1928 the name Rivoltini has been connected to Torrone, the traditional sweet from Cremona, made with whipped egg whites, almonds and honey. The company was born in the late 1930s, when Ersilio Rivoltini and his sons Guido and Attilio, decided to produce the sweet which delighted the Christmas holidays of many Italian families.
The idea was a great success and in a few years Rivoltini's nougat started to be well-known even outside Cremona.
The original recipe from 1441, the traditional steam-boilers to gently cook all the ingredients, and a great amount of enterprise led the company to success: in the 1940s, many women living in Vescovato worked in the firm and in ten years Rivoltini's nougat became well known in Italy.
Today the original workshop has become an innovative company which broaden its line of products implementing in the 1960s the brittle production and in 1990s the organic bars and athletes products line.
Rivoltini's nougat is still made following the recipe created and savored for the first time in the 15th century in Cremona to celebrate the wedding between Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza.
The company has always been committed to both tradition and innovation, maintaining its core mission of creating the best products using the highest quality raw materials and developing the most up-to dated techniques to be a pioneer in its fields
The name Rivoltini remains firmly linked both to Christmas Holidays and Torrone lovers, and to health enthusiast customers, always looking for new energy bars.



The Torrone Rivoltini of today keeps in that way the same typical taste appreciated for the first time by the people from Cremona in the XVth century, in the occasion of the marriage of Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza.
The Azienda Dolciaria Rivoltini is a reality firmly linked to the tradition, even though always careful to the development and the requirement of the present.
For about ten years it has been among the few Italian producers of energetic bars, that together with other biological products, is the latest line of products of the firm. The name Rivoltini goes along with the Christmas Holidays of the lovers of true Torrone, while with its sweetmeats and its biological products it offers the taste and the quality of its recipes all year long.